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Just Timers

The missing timers app for iOS

Create multiple named timers and control them using Siri.

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Multiple Timers

With Just Timers you can set as many timers as you want, actively running at the same time. You can even reuse timers after they are finished. Group related timers and even control entire groups at the same time.


Count Up, Stopwatch & Laps

Use Count Up timers to create a stopwatch, complete with lap tracking functionality. Green and red text marks best and worst laps for easy comparison.


Interval Timers

Sometimes a single timer just isn't enough. Create complex routines using interval timers that run one after the other. Mix and match count up and down timers, icons, colors, even alert sounds.



Use the library of existing templates or create your own for quick and easy interval building. Combine multiple templates as an easy way to create exercise routines or other interval layouts.


Widgets & Quick Timers

Use Widgets to easily monitor and control timers. Use the Quick Timer widget to create and start a single-use "self-destruct" timer.


Deep Shortcuts Integration

More Shortcuts options than ever, Just Timers goes above any beyond to let you create the complex interval timer routines you need. Use the power of Shortcuts to create complex loops and sets of intervals. Create and control timers via Siri, using only your voice. Assign URLs or Shortcut names to run after timers finish, giving you timed control over events and actions.


Powerful Watch App

Just Timers on Apple Watch comes packed with features. This is more than just a remote control for your phone. Using iCloud Sync, you can keep an eye on timers you started on another device, all from your wrist. Beyond just single timers, the watch app provides the same interval and template-building options so you can build a workout or other routine, no phone required.


Light/Dark Themes

Support for dark and light themes that can be set manually or follow the system settings.