Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create more than one active timer?

Yes! In fact, you can create as many timers as you would like! There is a limit of 2 timers on the free tier, but unlocking “unlimited timers” gives you exactly what it sounds like: unlimited timers.

Are there any hidden costs?

The app is free to use up to 2 timers at a time, but to use more you will need to unlock "unlimited timers" for a small fee. Beyond that, there are no other fees related to additional features.

Can I name timers?

Yes! By default the new timer dialog will populate with a default suggested name, but you’re free to change that as you see fit.

How long can a timer be?

Currently the max duration a timer can be set for is 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. This will likely be extended in the future depending on demand.

Can I edit an existing timer?

Yes, you can rename or change the duration of timers. Note: Changing timers will lose any existing Siri Shortcuts, so you will need to re-add them. If you wish to use the same Shortcut phrase, it may need to be deleted first.

To delete a Shortcut, go to the app settings (gear icon in the upper right), Siri Shortcuts > Manage Shortcuts. This will take you to the stock Settings app, to the Just Timers settings page. Follow Siri & Search > Shortcuts for a list of your existing Siri Shortcuts and delete the ones you no longer need.

Can I change the alert sound?

No, at this time there is only the default sound available. This feature will be coming in the near future, so keep an eye out!

How do Siri Shortcuts/voice timers work?

To use your voice to control timers, you must first assign Siri Shortcuts to your timers. You can assign them to individual timers either at creation time or by tapping the timer to bring up the edit view.

When creating or editing timers, use the "Add to Siri" button next to the respective action listed. This will bring up a prompt with a suggested usage phrase. You can use any phrase you wish here. Just speak the phrase and it will be interpreted by Siri, then saved for later use. To use this action, simply invoke Siri and speak your phrase, the appropriate action will be run!

For individual timers, the Shortcuts include "Start", "Pause" and "Resume". "Start" will restart your timer to its initial value and make it active. You can assign this phrase as something like "start tea timer" to have specific tasks, for example. You can also create more generic timer names like "20 minute" with a duration of 20 minutes, then assign a Shortcut phrase for "start 20 minute timer".

To assign Shortcuts to broader actions like "pause all timers", go to the Settings page in the upper right corner and under the "Siri Shortcuts" menu you will find the generic Shortcuts

Because of the how Siri handles these Shortcuts, they do need to be assigned, rather than being automatically created for you. The key is that you must assign trigger phrases to them for Siri to recognize it

Does this work with the Shortcuts App?

Yes! Not only will default Shortcut actions be donated to be used by the Shortcuts App, but we also have support for x-callback-url baked right in! To read more on our Shortcuts App support, please visit the Shortcuts Help page.

How can I get a refund?

If you are dissatisfied with this app, please let us know first to see if we can help! If you're sure you want a refund, here are instructions for requesting a refund directly from Apple.

Still need help?

Please feel free to contact support via email or Twitter